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Do Over Book

Ever hit a wall?

I’m not trying to imply that you stand in front of walls and suddenly become overwhelmed with an urge or desire to punch it (although, on some days, you might).

I’m talking about moments in life when things suddenly change,

*  the rug is suddenly pulled out from under you…
*  your company is downsizing and it’s your lucky day…
*  you find out your friend/business partner/etc. betrayed a confidence…
*  you lose a loved one…
*  doors slam in your face…
*  you hit the proverbial brick wall.

I mean….you’re cruising along down Life Lane, minding your own business, and BAM!!

Stuff happens.

And you’re left holding the shards of your life.

Some people get scared, go crazy, and think about giving up.

Not this girl.  I’m too busy being the Queen.  I’ve got a book for you!!!

My friend, Jon Acuff, shares his honest approach to life do-overs with a practical road map to reinventing and rebuilding “sudden” life moments.  Now, I normally don’t do math because mathing is hard.

Jon shares a special formula that, in my opinion, is the sort of math I can do!

Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle = Career Savings Account


If you’re interested in building your own Career Savings Account, then check out his new book!

Order your copy today!  Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck

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  1. Woohoo!!! The queen/boss is here!!

    • RoneiHarden

      Sir Rick, it is good to have you at the table! Thanks for always being a great friend!!

  2. Kevin Wright

    Alright now! Show em how it’s DONE!

    • RoneiHarden

      Thanks Kevin!! LOL! You know it! Walking in the gifts God gave me! 🙂

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